about the HSO music loan scheme

Music owned by the Hereford String Orchestra has been combined with that owned by the former Herefordshire Orchestral Society to form a joint library. Although some of the sets are old, they have been used very little, and so remain in good condition. Individuals or societies wishing to borrow any of the music are very welcome to do so. There is no charge for a loan, except for refund of postage, if any. However, Hereford String Orchestra is a registered charity, and any donations towards the upkeep and maintenance of the library, are much appreciated.

Please contact the Librarian of the Hereford String Orchestra on 01568 760633, to book a set, or if you have any queries.


There are FIVE parts to the catalogue which can be viewed in full by sections numbers below.

SECTION 1  –  Full Orchestra and String Only sets.
SECTION 2  –  Concertos and other pieces for solo instruments and orchestra.
SECTION 3  –  Orchestral  Accompaniments for Choral or Vocal pieces.
SECTION 4  –  Chamber Music
SECTION 5  –  Individual Vocal/Piano Scores.