Section 1 / Full Orchestra and String Only sets

Full Orchestral and Strings Only sets. Strings Only sets are marked with asterisks **.
Please contact the Librarian of the Hereford String Orchestra on 01568 760633, to book a set, or if you have any queries.


MLS notation explained

2222:4231:T P Hp Pno.Str.Sc. … means: 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons,
4 horns, 2 trumpets, 3 trombones, 1 tuba, timpani, percussion, harp, piano, strings and
score. Pno.Cond. indicates there is no score available, but only a Piano Conductor.


Three Nigerian Dances** T Str.Sc.
Adagio for Strings and organ** Str.Org.Sc.
Anderson. Leroy
Sleigh Ride 2+1222:4331:3Sax.P.Str.Pno.Cond.
Variations on a theme by Tchaikovsky** Str.Sc.
Rule Britannia See SECTION 3.
Toy Symphony Details on request
Bach C.P.E
Symphony No.1 in D 2202:2200 T Str.Sc.
Bach. J.S.
Aria in E major [arr.Wehrle]** Str.Sc.
Sheep may safely graze [arr. Barbirolli] 42+112.0 Pno.Str.Sc.
Strings suite no. 2** Str.Sc.
Suite no.1 in C. 0201.0000 Str.hpd. No score.
Suite in D. four pieces [arr.Woodhouse]** Str.Sc.
Overture The Siege of Rochelle 2222:4230:T 2P Str.Pno.Arr.
Russian Scenes 2+1222:2230:T P Str.Sc.
Overture Coriolan 2222:2200:T Str.Sc.
Overture Egmont 2+1222:4200:T Str.Sc.
Overture Fidelio 2222:4220:T Str.Sc.
Overture Leonora no. 3 2222:4230:T Str.Sc.
Overture Prometheus 2222:4230:T Str.Sc.
Ruins of Athens. March and chorus 2222:2230:T Str. Vocal score. some vocal parts.
Symphony no.1 2222:2200:T Str.Sc.
Symphony no.4 2222:2200:T Str.Sc.minisc.
Symphony no.5 2+1222+1.2230: T Str.Sc
Symphony no.6 (Pastoral) 2+1222:2220:T Str.Sc.
Symphony no.7 2222:2200:T Str.minisc.
Symphony no.8 2222:2200:T Str.Sc.
Bennett. W. Sterndale
Overture Naiades 2222:2210:T Str.Sc.
Overture Parisina 2222:2230:T Str.Sc.
Overture Die Waldnymphe 2222:2130:T Str.Sc.
Berkeley. Lennox
Serenade** Str.Sc.
Hungarian March 2+1224:42+231:T P Str.Sc.
Overture Le Corsaire String Set Only
L'Arlesienne Suite no.2 [arr.Finck] 2222:2230:T P Hp Harm.Str.Sc.
Farandole from L'Arlesienne [arr.Stone] 1121:2210:1 P 2Sax.Str.Sc.
Dance of the Red Pawns from Checkmate 1+1222:4230:T/P Hp.Str.Pno.Cond.
Noctume (from string quartet no.2) [arr.Sargent]** Str.Sc.
Two Polovtsian Dances from Prince Igor. ed.Woodhouse 2+12+122:4231:T 3P Hp.Org.Str.Sc.
Boughton Rutland
Three Folk Dances** Str.Sc.
Three Hungarian Dances [arr.Schmidt] 1+12222: 4230:T P Str.Pno
Symphony no 2. in D 2222:4231:T Str.Sc.
St.Anthony Variations on a theme by Haydn 2+122+1:4200:T P Str.Sc.
Bridge. Frank
Two Old English Songs [arr. Sally in our alley & Cherry Ripe]** Str.Sc.
Five Courtly dances from Gloriana [arr. Stone] 1121:2210:T P Str.Sc.2Sax.3Recorders.
Simple Symphony** Str.Sc. – 2 sets
Chagrin. Francis
Renaissance Suite Str.Sc.
Chaminade. Cecile
Idylle Arabe 1+1222:2000: Glock. Str.Sc.
Overture Anacreon 2222:4230:T Str.Sc.
Ballade in A minor 2+1222+4231:T P Str.Sc.
Theme and Variations. [arr.Goodman]** Sc.only.
Cowen/ F.H
Four English Dances in Olden Style 2222:4230:T P Str.
Dale. Gordon
Autumn Carol (written for HSO)** Str.Sc.
Petite Suite 2+12+122:2200:T P Hp. Str.Sc.
Airs de danse et chanson from Le Roi s'amuse 2222:2200:T Mand. Str.Sc.
Two Aquarelles** Str.Sc.
On hearing the first cuckoo in spring 2122:2000 Str.Sc
Summer night on the river 2122:2000 Str.Sc
Dance Suite [arr.Warlock]** Str.Sc.
Nottumo** Str.Sc.
Serenade for strings** Str.Sc.
Slavonic Dances Op.46. Vol.1 2+1222:4230:T 2P Str.Sc.
Symphony no.5 in F 222+12:4230:T P Str.minisc.
Beau Brummel Minuet 2222:2230:T/P Str.Pno.
Chanson de Matin** Str.Sc.
Chanson de Nuit** Str.Sc.
Canto Popolare from Ov. In the South 2222:2000:T Hp. Str.Sc.
Coronation march (1911) Full orchestra
Crown of India suite. intermezzo 1+1022:2000 2P.Hp.Str.SoloVn.Sc.
Dream Children. (after Charles Lamb) 2222:4000:T Hp. Str. Sc.
legy. Op.58** Str.Sc.
Empire March 2+12+12+12+1:4331:T3P 2Hp. Org.Pno.Cond. ARCHIVE SET. Legal Photocopy.
Enigma Variations 2+1222+1:4331:T 4P Str.Sc.
Falstaff – Two Interludes 2+1122:2000: T/P Hp. Str.Sc.
Introduction and Allegro. Str.quartet** Str.Sc.
Mazurka for orchestra 2222:4231:T/P Str.Sc.
Nursery Suite 2222:4231:T 3P Hp.(opt) Str.Sc.
Pomp & Circumstance March no.1 2+2222+1:42+231:T 4P 2Hp Org. Str.Large minisc.
Pomp & Circumatance March no.4 3/12+12+12+1:4331:T 2P 2Hp Org.Str.Large minisc.
Pomp & Circumstance March no.5.arr.Woodhouse. 2+1222:4231:T P Str.Large minisc.
Serenade for strings** Str.Sc. 3 sets.
Serenade lyrique 2222:2000. Str.Sc
Suite from Spanish Lady** Str.Sc.
Wand of Youth Suite no.2 2/1222:4231:T 4P Hp. Str.Pno.
Prelude** Str.Sc.
Romance** Str.Sc.
Foster. Arnold
Suite for Strings on English Folk Airs** Str.Sc.
Gardiner. H.Balfour
Shepherd Fennel's Dance 2+12+122+1:4231:T 3P Hp Str.Sc.
Gay. John
(rewritten Austin) Beggar's Opera Selection 2222:2230:T/P Hp. Str. Pno.Cond.
German. Edward
Henry VIII three dances 2222:2230:TIP Str.Sc.
Nell Gwyn three dances 2+1222:2230:P Str.Sc.
Faust. ballet music 2+1222:4231:12P 2Hp Str. Sc. 2 cornets.
Grainger. Percy
Londonderry Air** Str.Sc. 2 horns optional.
Handel in the Strand** Str.Sc/Pno. Cond.
Mollie on the shore 2222:2231:T/P 2P Str. Pno.Cond.
Elegiac Melodies. (Two)** Str.Sc. 2 sets.
Holberg Suite** Str.Sc. 2 sets.
Norwegian Dances. Op.35. (Four) 2+1222:4231:T/P Hp. Str. Sc.
Norwegian Melodies. (Two)** Str.Sc.
Peer Gynt Suite 2+1222:4231:T 2P Str. Sc.
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba** Str.Sc. opt.2 oboes.
Ballet Suite: The Gods go a-begging. [arr.Beecham]
Andante cantabile from quartet in C no.59** Str.Sc. all m/s
Symphony no. 2 in Bb 0200:2000. Str. Hpschd. Sc.
Symphony no. 7 in C 2202:2200:T Str. Hpschd. Sc.
Symphony no. 15 (La Reine) 1202:2000: Str.Sc (Brass ad lib)
Symphony no. 95 in C minor 1202:2200:T Str.Sc.
Symphony no. 99 in Eb 2222:2200:T Str.Sc
Symphony no. 101 (Clock) 2222:2200:T Str.Sc
Symphony no. 103 (Drum Roll) 2222:2200:T Str.Sc
Symphony no. 104 (London) 2222:2200:T Str.Sc
Overture Le Pre aux Clercs 1+1222:4230:3P Str.Sc. (Hn.1&2 m/s as not replaceable)
Overture Zampa 2222:4231:T 3P Str.Sc.
Brook Green Suite Str.Sc. (opt.w.wind)
St Paul's Suite Str.Sc. 2 sets.
Somerset Rhapsody 2/1222:4231:T 2P Str. Pno.Cond.
Overture Hansel und Gretel 2+1222:4231:T 2P Str.Sc.
Waltz. Hansel und Gretel 1+1222:4230:T 2P Str.Sc
Acht Stucke** Str. Sc.
Equisses Caucasiennes 2+12/122:42+230:T4P Hp Str Sc
A Downland Suite for Strings** Str. Sc.
Jacob. Gordon
Overture for Strings** Str.Sc.
Berceuse 0021:2000:Str.(solo Vn) Sc.
Praeludium 1121:2200:T 2P Str.Sc.
Suite for strings** Str.Sc
Lane. Philip
3 Nautical Minatures** Str.Sc.
Kikimora 2+12+12+12:4200:T2P Str. Sc.
Adagietto** Str.Hp.Sc
Scenes Pittoresques 2222:4430:T 2P Str. Sc.
Nocturne from a Midsummer Night's Dream 2222.2000: Str.Sc
Overture Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage 2+1222+1:2300:T Str.Sc.
Overture Hebrides. (Fingal's Cave) 2222:2200:T Str.Sc.
Overture Ruy Bias 2222:4230:T Str.Sc.
Overture Son and Stranger 2222:2200: Str.Sc.
Symphony no.1 in C minor 222:2200:T Str.Sc.
Symphony no.2 – extract Hymn of Praise 2222:4230:T Org. Str.Sc. (also SATB but no parts in the set)
Symphony no.4.(Italian) 2222:2200:1 Str.minisc.
Symphony no.5 (Reformation) extract Scherzo 2222:2200:T Str.Pno. (all m/s)
Symphony for strings no.8** Str.Sc.
Symphony for strings no.9** Str.Sc.
Symphony for strings no.10** Str.Sc.
Vintage Song 0202:2000: Str.Sc
War March of the Priests 2222:2231:T Hp. Str.Sc.
Wedding March from A Mid-Summer Night's Dream 2231:TP Str.Sc.
Mozart. Leopold
Haydn's Toy Symphony All parts available with score and toy instruments.
Mozart. Wolfgang Amadeus
Three Divertiment (Salzburg Symphonies) K136/137/138** Str.Sc.
Divertimento in D K136** Str.Sc.
Serenade: Eine kleine Nachtmusik** Str.Sc.
Eine kleine Nachtmusik [arr.Woodhouse] 1111:2000: Str.Pno.Cond.
Overture Don Giovanni 2222:2200:T Str.Sc.
Overture Magic Flute 2222:2230:T Str.minisc.
Overture Marriage of Figaro 2222:2200:T Str.Sc.
Symphony no.31 2222:2200:T Str.Sc.
Symphony no.35 (Haffner) 2222:2200:T Str.Sc.
Symphony no.38 (Prague) 2202.2230: T Str.Sc
Symphony no.39 1022:2200:T Str.Sc.
Symphony no.40 1222:2000:T Str.Sc.
Symphony no.41 (Jupiter) 1202:2200:T Str.Sc.
Overture Merry Wives of Windsor 2/1222:4230:T P Str.Sc.
At the bier of a young artist** Str.Sc.
Parry. Charles Hubert
An English Suite for Strings** Str.Sc.
Lady Radnor's Suite** Str.Sc.
Jerusalem See SECTION 3
Chanson d'autrefois** Str.Sc.
Chanson de la grand-maman** Str.Sc.
La veillee de range gardien** Str.Sc.
Serenade** Str.Sc.
Chrysanthemuns and three minuets** Str.Sc.
Chaconne in G minor. [arr.Whittaker].(Sonata no.6)** CODE
Chacony in G minor. [ed.Britten]** Str.Sc.
Overture in G [ed.Whittaker]** Str.Sc.
Suite The Double Dealer** Str.Sc.
Suite from A Mid-Summer Night's Dream** Str.Sc.
Suite for Strings. [arr.Barbirolli]** Str.Sc. (opt.wind.)
Three pieces for strings. [arr.Reed]** Str.Pno/Vn.solo.
A Children's Overture 1+1121:2210:T/P Hp.Str.Pno.Cond.
Three English Dances. [arr.Fletcher] 2/1222:2231:T/P Str.Pno.Cond
Raff. Joachim
Overture Jubel 2+1222:4230:T Str.Sc.
Rigodon de Dardanus. [arr.Aidibert] 1122:2220:T Harm. Str.Sc.
Suite for String Orchestra [arr.Temple-Savage]** Str.Sc.
Prelude Konig Manfred 2200:2000:T Str.Sc
Overture Yelva 2222:2230:T Str.Pno.reduction. No score exists
Capriccio Espagnole 2+1 2d122.4231: T.P Hp.Str.Sc.
Romberg. Bernhard
Toy Symphony All parts incl.Sc. Toy instruments available
Overture Barber of Seville. [Ital. ed.] 2222:2210:T P Str.Sc.
Overture La Cenerentola 2221:2210:T Str.Sc. Old set but unused.
Overture Othello 2222:4230:T Str.Sc.
Overture Othello 2222:2230:T P Str. Pno.Cond.Small print.
Overture Semiramide. [arr.Winter] 1+1222:4230:T Str.Sc.
Overture Thieving Magpie 1+1222:4210:T 2P Str.Sc.
Overture William Tell 1+12/122:4230:T 3P Str.Sc.
Sonata no.1 in G** Str.Sc No violas scored.
Sonata no.2 in A** Str.Sc No violas scored.
Sonata no.3 in C** Str.Sc No violas scored.
Rubenstein. Anton
Der Damon – Ballet Music 2+1222:4230:T 3P Str.Sc.
Suite for strings** Str.Sc.
Saint-George. G.L
Ancien Regime.(Petite Suite 2) 1000:0100: Str.Pno.
Le Rouet d'Omphale 2+1222+1:4230:T P Hp. Str.Sc.
Serenade 20+120:2000:Hp.Str.Sc.
Suite Algerienne 2+1222:4231:T 4P Str.(Sc)
Suite for Orchestra Op.49 2222:2200:T Str.Sc.
Overture in C minor. [arr.Hess]** Str.Sc.
Overture in the Italian Style 2222:2200:T Str.Sc. Old set.
Overture Rosamunde (Alfonso & Estella) 2222:2230:T Str.Sc.
Overture Rosamunde (Zauberharfe) 2222:4230:T Str.Sc.
Rosamunde Ballet Music 2222:2230:T Str.Sc.
Rosamunde. Entractes 1&2 2222:2230:T Str.Sc.
Rosamunde. Entractes 1/2&3 2222:2230:T Str.Sc.
Symphony no.7 2222:2230:T Str.Sc.
Symphony no.8 (Unfinished) 2222:2230:T Str.Sc.
Overture. Bride of Messina 2+1222:4230:T Str.Sc
Overture. Genoveva 2222:4230:T Str.Sc.
Valse Triste 1010:2000:T Str.Sc.
Andante Festivo: Str.T and Sc.
Overture The Bartered Bride 2+1222:4230:T Str. (Sc)
Stanford. C.V
Overture Shamus O'Brien 1122:2220:T.Str.Pno.Cond.
Strauss. Johann
Blue danube walt [arr.] 1122:2310:T P.2Sax.
Overture Die Redermaus. [arr.Artok] 2/1221:2230:T/P Str.Pno.Cond.
Tales from Vienna Woods 1122:2310:T P.2Sax.
Strauss. Richard
Der Rosenkavalier – Selection. [arr.Higgs] 2+1222:2230:T/P Hp.Str.Pno.Cond.
Suk. Joseph
Meditation on an old Bohemian Carol** Str.Sc.
Suk Serenade. Op.6** Str.Sc.
Overture In Memoriam 2222:4231:T 2P Org. Str.Sc.
The Tempest – incidental music 2+1222:2230:T P Str.Pno.Cond.
Norwegian Folk Song – "I Fjol Gjaett'e Gjeitinn" (Last year I tended the goats) Str.Sc.
Nutcracker Suite 3/12+12+12:4231:T P Hp. Cel.Str.Sc.
Serenade. Op.48** Str.Sc.
Ouverture des Nations anciens et modemes** Sre.Sc.
Vaughan Williams. Ralph
Charterhouse Suite** Str.Sc.
English Folk Song Suite 2/1121:2220:T/P Str.Pno.Cond.
Fantasia on Greensleeves** 2 Vn. or R.soli. Hp/Pno Str.Sc.
Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis** Str. (double orch) Score.
Good Friday Music from Parsifal Set incomplete at present.
Overture The Flying Dutchman 2+12+122:4231:T Hp. Str.minisc.
Overture The Mastersingers 2+1222:4231:T 2P Hp.Str.Sc.
Overture Rienzi 2+1222+1:4431:T 3P Str.Sc.
Prelude to Act 3 of Lohengrin 3333:4331:T 3P Str.Sc.
March from Tannhauser (Hail Bright Abode) 3/1222:4331:T 2P Str.Sc.
Pilgrims' March andchorus from Tannhauser 2222:4331:T.P Str.Sc.
Siegfried Idyll 1121:2100 Str.Sc.
Siegfried's Tod und Trauermarsch 2+1222:4231:T 3P Hp Str.Sc
Traume from Tristan und Isolde [arr. Svendson]** Str.
Walton. William
Two pieces from Henry V** Str.Sc.
Capriol Suite** Str.Sc.
Capriol Suite [arr. composer] 2222:2231:P Str.Sc.
Overture Der Freischutz 2222:2231:T Str.Sc.
Overture Oberon 2222:4230:T Str.Sc.
Oberon- selection 2222:2210:T Str.