Section 2 / Concertos and other pieces for solo instruments and orchestra.

This section also includes other pieces for solo instruments and orchestra. (Includes Brandenburg concertos and Concert Grossi.) Strings Only sets are marked with asterisks **.
Please contact the Librarian of the Hereford String Orchestra on 01568 760633, to book a set, or if you have any queries.

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MLS notation explained

2222:4231:T P Hp Pno.Str.Sc. … means: 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons,
4 horns, 2 trumpets, 3 trombones, 1 tuba, timpani, percussion, harp, piano, strings and
score. Pno.Cond. indicates there is no score available, but only a Piano Conductor.


Concerto in E minor Str. All m/s.
Bach. C.P.E
Concerto in A major for Cello or Harpsichord or Flute and strings** All solo parts. Continue and Str. No score exists.
Concerto for Organ and Strings in C minor** Str.Sc. No solo Org. pt.
Bach. J.S
Brandenburg Concerto no.3** Str.Sc. (2sets)
Brandenburg Concerto no.6** Str.Sc.
Concerto for Hpschd/Piano in F minor** Str.Sc.solo Piano
Concerto for Hpschd/Piano in D minor** Str.Sc.
Concerto for Oboe Violin and Strings** Str.Sc.(2 sets) 1 in D minor 1 in C minor No solo parts
Concerto for Violin no. 1 in A minor** Str.Sc. solo Vn.
Concerto for Violin no. 2 in E major** Str.Sc.solo Vn. Cont.
Concerto for 2 Violins** Str.Sc.solo Vns. Cont. (2sets)
Ball. Christopher
Concerto for Recorder and strings** Str.Sc.solo. Rec.
Concerto for Piano no. 1 in C major
Concerto for Piano no.3 in C minor 2222:2200:T Str. minisc. solo Piano.
Concerto for Piano no.5 in Eb.(Emperor) 2222:2200:T Str. miniscore.
Fantasy for Piano. chorus and orchestra 2222:2200:T.Pno.Str.Sc. some vocal parts.
Romance in F for violin and orchestra 1202:2000 Str.Sc.SoloVn.
Concerto grosso Op.6 no.8 in G minor. (Christmas Concerto)** Str.miniscore.
Concerto grosso from Violin Sonatas [arr. Barbirolli]** Str.Sc.
Danse sacre et danse profane for Harp and Strings** Hp.Str. Sc
Romance for Bassoon and Orchestra 2222:3030:T Str.Sc.solo bsn.
Felton William
Concerto for Organ and Strings. 2 oboes Org.Str.Sc.allm/s
Gibbs. Armstrong
Peacock Pie for Piano and strings Pno.Str.Sc.
Concerto Grosso Op.6 no.1** Str.Sc.Cont.
Concerto Grosso Op.6 no.4** Str.Sc.Cont.
Concerto G rosso Op.6 no.7** Str.Sc.
Concerto Grosso Op.6 no.8** Str.Sc.Cont.
Concerto Grosso Op.6 no.10** Str.Sc.Cont.
Concerto Grosso Op6. no.12** Str.Sc.
Concerto for Organ. Op.7 no.9** Str.Sc.Org.
Concerto for Organ. Op.7 no.10** Str.Sc.Org.
Harty. Hamilton
Londonderry Air for solo Violin** Hp.Str.Sc.
Capriccio Brilliante for Piano and orchestra 2222:2200:1 Str.Sc.
Concerto for Piano no.1 2222:2200:T Str.Sc. Old set.
Serenade and Allegro Giojoso for Piano and orchestra 1222:2200:T Str.Sc. solo Piano. Old set.
Concerto for Piano no. 9 in Eb major
Concerto for Piano no. 17 in G major
Concerto for Piano no. 27 in Bb major
Concerto for Piano no. 24 in C minor K 491
Concerto for Piano no.12 in A 0200:2000:Str.Sc.
Concerto for Piano no.15. in Bb Str.Sc.
Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola 0200:2000: Str.Sc. solo Violin & Viola.
Organ concerto Score only
Concerto for 'Cello no.1 in A minor 2222:2200:T Str.Sc. solo Cello
Concertstuck for Piano and orchestra Op.92 2222:2200:T Str.Sc.No Piano part.
Concerto for Piano in A minor 2222:2000:T Str.Sc.No solo Pno.
Stanley. John
Concerto no.3. [arr Finzi]** Score only
Variations on a Rococco Theme for 'Gello.(original edition) 2222:2000: Str.Sc. solo Cello
Vaughan Williams
Concerto Grosso** Str.Sc.
Fantasia on Greensleeves** Soli.Vns.or Flutes.Hp/Pnc.Piano.Cond.
Concerto for strings in G minor Str.Sc.
Albumblatt for Violin and orchestra. [arr.Singer] 2222:2000:T Str.Sc. solo Violin.