Section 3 / Orchestral  Accompaniments for Choral or Vocal pieces.

Opera, light opera, oratorio, cantata , other musicals. Please contact the Librarian of the Hereford String Orchestra on 01568 760633, to book a set, or if you have any queries.

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MLS notation explained

2222:4231:T P Hp Pno.Str.Sc. … means: 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons,
4 horns, 2 trumpets, 3 trombones, 1 tuba, timpani, percussion, harp, piano, strings and
score. Pno.Cond. indicates there is no score available, but only a Piano Conductor.


Rule Britannia [arr.Wood] from Sea Songs 1 +121:4220:T/P Str.Pno.C. (also suitable for orchestral solo)
Rule Britannia [arr.Sargent] A few parts only
Bach. J.S
Der Herr denket. Cantata no.196** Str.Pno.Cond.
Barnett. J.F
The Ancient mariner. Cantata 2222:42+231:T Hp.Org.Str.Voc.Sc. On loan to Birmingham Library Archive. Available on request
Paradise and the Peri. Cantata 2222:4231:T Hp Org Str. 2Voc. Sc.On loan to Birmingham Library Archive. Available on request.
Ah! Perfido. Aria for Soprano 1022:2000: Str.Sop.solo.
Fantasy for piano.choir and orchestra See SECTION 2
Der glorreiche Augenblick. Cantata 2+1222:4230:T P Str.Sc.
Ruins of Athens March and chorus See SECTION 1
Bennett. W.S
The May Queen. A Pastoral 2222:4331:T Str.
The Woman from Samaria Vocal parts only. On loan to Birminghan Library Archive.
Softly Arise. from Solomon. Aria & Chorus 1211:2000:P Str.
The Black Knight Incomplete at present
Spanish Serenade 2222:2000:T/P Str.Sc.
Psalm 150 for chorus.organ and orchestra 2222:4230:T P Hp Org Strings.
Gade. Neils
Christmas Eve. Alto solo; chorus & orchestra 2222:4231:T Hp Str.Sc. 3 Vocal Scores.
The Eri King's Daughter 3222:4200:T Str. 6 Vocal Scores.
Spring's Message 2222:2010: Str.(Va/Vc/Db) 7 Vocal Scores.
God Save the Queen 2222:4231:T Str.Pno.Cond. (also suitable for orchestral solo)
Alexander's Feast 2222:2200:T Str.2 Vocal Scores.
How willing my paternal love from "Samson" Str.Sc. solo baritone
Judas Maccabaeus 2222:2330:T Str.minisc.
Messiah A few parts only
Samson 1222:2230:T Str.
Zadok the Priest 0222:0300:T Str.Sc.
Mass no.3 12(2)2:0200:T Str.solo Tpt.
St. Nicholas Mass 0201:2000: Str.(org) minisc.
The Seasons A few string parts.
Te Deum 1202.2300:T Str.(org.)Sc.
Lloyd. Charles
Hero and Leander. Cantata Sop. & Bar.sdi.chorus 22+122 2230:T Hp Str.Sc.
Elijah 2222:4230:T Org Str. minisc. Vocal scores.
Hear Ye Israel – from Elijah 2222:2200: Str.Pno.Cond.
Lauda Sion. for chorus 2222:2230:T Str.Sc. 2 vocal scores
Psalm 42 2222:2220:T Str. Vocal scores.
Psalm 95 2222:2230:T Str.Sc.
Mozart. W.A
Exsultate Jubilate 0200:2000: Str.
Laudate Domine 0022:0000: Str. (org).Sc.5 vocal parts. Str.m/s
Missa D KV194** Str.Org.Sc.
Voi avete un cor fedeie.Concert Aria for Sop. 0200:2000: Str.Sc.
Jerusalem 2222:4230:T Str.Sc.
Tantum Ergo 0222:2230:Str.Sc.10 Vocal Scores.
Gipsy Life 1+1222:2000:3P Hp.Str.Sc.Chorus. Incomplete.
Somervell. Arthur
The Forsaken Merman. Bass solo & chorus. Str.some wind. 8 Vocal scores.
The Prodigal Son. Oratorio 2222+1:4231:T/P Harm.Str Vocal scs
Vaughan Williams
Old Hundredth Full Score only.
A Christmas Mystery 2+12+222:4431:T3P Hp Org. Str.Sc. 2 vocal scores.